HKS Construction Technology

With the products of the HKS Power Actuator Technology series your hydraulic excavator is turned into a multifunctional machine. The unlimited freedom of movement of your attached implement allows a wide variety of work to be done more quickly, accurately and efficiently. With our products your implements can be tilted up to 180°, they can rotate endlessly about their own axis in both directions, or both combined, and can carry out work simultaneously.

For each application you will receive from us the specially tailored product. Simply select one of our models for your application:



Our product is just right for rough day to day working conditions. Carefully selected, high quality materials and precision manufacturing ensure that the HKS XtraTilt is one of the most robust on the market.

Thanks to its compact 4-part design, our HKS XtraTilts are already factory protected from the penetration of dirt in the housing and are therefore, low maintenance. Re-lubrication and readjustment are also no longer required.

A wide variety of technical developments make the HKS XtraTilt more resistant and robust than its predecessors.

Shaft with receiving flange, slide bearing, integrated pressure limiting valve
End flange with slide bearing, fastening thread and special seals on both sides
Surface hardened piston with guide strip
Surface hardened and corrosion –protected housing with foot fastening, screwed or welded

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   The advantages of our products:

  • With the functional possibilities of HKS Power Actuator Technology you improve your competitiveness and discover new areas of responsibility
  • Up to 40% more productivity – You save time and money!
  • Short return on investment
  • Fast, simple assembly
  • No readjustment necessary because of increased angular clearance, unlike comparable products!
  • The position of the implement is always kept constant – even after many years of use!
  • Tilt angles available for your application: 100°, 140° or 180°
  • The HKS rotary oil joint offers you 100% performance for your implements
  • Up to 100t available for all classes of excavators
  • Financing possible.