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bauma 2019 | 08. - 14. April 2019 | Munich

Standard tilt angle of 2 x 55° (even higher on request)
Holding torque of up to 90,000 Nm
Torque of up to 43,000 Nm
10 models for a carrier device weight of up to 55 t
Up to 8 rotations per minute
Modular system design

The TiltRotator enables you to tilt your attachment ±55° (on request even higher) in both directions and rotate endlessly at the same time. These two functions provide three-dimensional positioning easily and accurately, increasing your efficiency and productivity.

With its compact and robust tilt unit, the TiltRotator is an incomparable alternative to conventional cylinder variants, which are wider and prone to faults. An optimised XtraTilt with extended torque and reduced overall height is used for the TiltRotator.

Further Specifications
Very robust and lightweight component
TiltRotator shown in display
Efficient work
Time savings, since no staking needed
Uncomplicated work in places poorly observalbe
Reduction of possible sources of error
Improved safety
Exact excavation depths, thus no unintentional removal of material
No re-checking of the construction pit necessary