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TiltRotator 200 by HKS

XtraTilt by HKS at bucket

HKS RotoBox at works

TiltRotator 200 by HKS

TiltRotator 200 by HKS

XtraTilt by HKS at bucket

XtraTilt by HKS at bucket

HKS RotoBox at works

HKS RotoBox at works

TiltRotator & Co – Next Generation

Wächtersbach/Munich, March 2016 - Since years HKS Dreh-Antriebe GmbH successfully offers its range of construction technology with the TiltRotator, the XtraTilt and the RotoBox.

At this year's bauma, the company presented its product portfolio from April 11th until 17th, 2016 in Munich in Hall A6, Booth 308 and in the outdoor area with live demonstrations at booth FN 816/5 with products of the new generation within the segment for Construction Technology.

Next to the proven products – the hydraulic rotary actuators – for which the company is known on the market for over 45 years, the segment of the Construction Technology supports the ongoing growth of the company.


The HKS „TiltRotator“:
Less Consumption. More Performance.

Meanwhile the news has spread successfully in the market, that the use of a TiltRotator is a winning solution for all parties involved and means unchallenged flexibility and thus extremely cost-effective.

The TiltRotator enables you to tilt your attachment 55 degrees in both directions and rotate endlessly at the same time. These two functions provide three-dimensional positioning easily and accurately, increasing your efficiency and productivity.

The TiltRotator is indispensable for gardening and landscaping, drainage channel construction and civil engineering! Various tasks can be handled with just one excavator and without moving too much. The radius of the carrier expands enormously with the TiltRotator – all this increases the productivity immensely. The less moving of the excavator means - besides saving time and money - lower fuel consumption and less damage to crops, which is a decisive criterion, particularly with regards to the issue of environmental protection.

The new TiltRotator of HKS was designed according to the principle "Form Follows Function". The revised exterior shape is derived from its improved function. The cylinder-less design is already nearly 50 percent narrower than the cylinder based technology and now the new generation also has an optimized working width, thus the attaching of narrower and lighter tools is possible, which means less weight and more precise excavation in tight workspaces.

HKS offers individual designs of swiveling and rotary drives, precisely designed to the requirements. Even special solutions for high ton classes, standard or XL-oil rotary feedthrough or sandwich applications in all variations are possible. Through precise customization for your excavator, for example, with respect to the exact drilling for the dipperstick of the excavator, the optimal inclination of the attachment can be achieved. By maximizing the slope there is no more danger of loss of load.


The HKS „XtraTilt“:
Complete Portfolio. Low-Maintenance for each Version.

The XtraTilt is a pure pivot drive for tilting 90 degrees in both directions. It is compatible with all attachments and provides the basis for greater mobility of the excavator, thus providing a further movement axis for two-dimensional operation. In order to serve the right size for excavators and for really every conceivable construction challenge, you can find any size of XtraTilts in the assortment, either for mini- or compact excavators.

HKS has optimized its product portfolio and offers now the XtraTilt series with 54 models in 18 sizes up to 100t for all requirements.

Whether this means a solution with lugs for direct mounting or a combination with permanent shaft connection and quick coupler, with quick coupler adapter and quick coupler or for direct attachment to a bucket. All options are possible - for every size!

Many years of experience and innovation have made the XtraTilt even more robust, reliable and durable. Thanks to the special deflectors on both sides, dirt is prevented from entering the housing of the XtraTilt series, making it low-maintenance from the day it leaves the factory. This feature considerably reduces maintenance costs.


The HKS „RotoBox“:
New Generation. Work Efficiency without Borders.

The new generation of the RotoBox is based on a completely new design. Height, width and weight was reduced, while maximizing durability.

By changing the mounting of the worm wheel, the height could be reduced and with that as well the weight. With the RB 60 and the RB 120 the hydraulic motor is arranged axially, whereby the width has been reduced and thereby even narrower attachments can be used, which significantly reduces the overall weight for the rotation unit.

The longevity was optimized in that the hydraulic motor is integrated into the housing now and is thus protected from dirt or damage. On the other hand a worm wheel made out of bronze ensures greater durability and power.

The two versions of the oil rotary unions with up to 500l / min flow provide even more flexibility. Depending on the application you choose – either our standard design to save weight and fuel - or the large rotary oil feedthrough to achieve a more powerful performance. The standard version already offers incredible flow rates in its compact form, the large rotary oil feedthrough is for applications where a milling machine or hammer for extreme force is required.

The RotoBox is equipped with flow-control and pressure relief valves, so that a pressure reduction on the hydraulic excavator is obsolete. Instead of the threaded blind in the housing, passageway-drillings are utilized. Assembly and disassembly of rotary actuators and other possible attachments is enormously facilitated through that.