Mobile Actuators



Mining / Heavy Duty and Mobile Hydraulics

The rotary actuators of the M-DA-H series with the F5 / F10 are mainly designed for the mobile sector. Based on the helical principle it is a compact solution with a max. operating pressure of 210 bar and a torque with up to 83,000 Nm.
Especially for applications where high holding torques are required, these drives can be used optimally. The proven design and the compact manufacturing round off the overall picture. The use of high quality materials guarantees maximum durability.

Maximum Carrying Capacity and Precise Positioning




The HKS rotary actuators are designed for the maximum carrying capacity and precise positioning. The M-DA-H F10 is most suitable for extreme conditions – as well as all other actuators for the mining and automotive sector. Extremely sturdy and protected against environmental influences. Thus low maintenance and ensuring

high degree of durability. Our rotary actuators have been operating reliably and safely in the biggest mines in the world for many years.

Contact us, we will give you all the necessary details on the differences of the actuators and will find the right one for your requirements or especially design it for you.