Sandwich - the solution

The HKS sandwich solution enables an HKS TiltRotator to be equipped with a quick coupler instead of a fixed adapter to dipperstick connection, for instance, which means that the excavator driver can use the HKS TiltRotator like a standard attachment.
The lower quick coupler is still responsible for the change-over of attachments.

Modular TiltRotator

Along with an HKS RotoBox or HKS XtraTilt in a sandwich design, you have combined a flexible, modular TiltRotator.

Flexibel changeable

You can use the right tool for the work at hand, at any time. As a combination with or without HKS products.

Your Advantages


Both mechanical and fully hydraulic quick-coupler systems can be used and combined. At the same time, it is also possible to use two different systems. The permanently pressurised locking mechanism complies with EU machinery directives.


The HKS product can be used for your entire fleet.


Existing attachments can still be used without the need for conversion. At the same time, all attachments can be combined with the HKS product for all carrier devices.


Should the lifting load be too high for the carrier device, the HKS product can be removed for this extreme application.


The HKS product can be removed if necessary, and the carrier device works at full power upon start-up.


The carrier device can still be operated by untrained personnel with no TiltRotator/RotoBox/XtraTilt experience.