Formerly also called swivel motor or rotary motor

What is a rotary actuator?


HKS products operate permanently and with precision wherever rotation and tilting, precision acceleration, braking, positioning and stopping are required. “Made in Germany” represents the top demand made on us and is simultaneously the standard by which we measure our products. We can provide any type of special product in our design department manned by an experienced and dynamic team and will be delighted to do so in joint project work with you, our client. We can satisfy your demands to the optimum. This also includes
producing a prototype.

We take innovation for granted – which is to your advantage, because this way with HKS products you always have state of the art at your fingertips. We provide top quality, since we produce almost 100% on the spot. This applies equally to all HKS rotary actuators, rotary lift combinations, rack and pinion actuators, in both series and special production.

Brand quality

HKS products are used worldwide. The excellence in quality our rotary actuators have is internationally acknowledged. This is based on our innovative developments, use of the best qualities of materials and manufacture with the highest possible precision. All of which achieves the optimum for use in sectors such as machine construction, vehicle construction, building machinery, in power stations, marine, offshore and underwater applications, as well as in many other fields.


Helical Rotary Actuators

This design is based on a system with a multiple helical gear. The linear movement of the piston is converted into a rotational movement via the multiple helical gears. The rotational movement will be greater if the linear movement of the piston is longer.

The design of our rotary actuators is very simple, but requires precision manufacturing in order to ensure their functional efficiency and brand-name reliability. The rotational play of the multiple gear rotary actuators can be reduced to 10 angular minutes.



Rack And Pinion Rotary Actuator

The rack and pinion actuator is ideal for the highest demands on torque. It permits extensive swivelling where there is restricted building room in an axial direction. Additional options are as numerous as for the helical principle. The rack and pinion actuator requires considerably larger dimensions compared with the rotary vane motor to transfer two torques of equal size. This is created and transferred through a rack and pinion piston located diagonally to the propelling tappet developed with a pinion. The lateral forces arising from the teeth and affecting the back of the piston opposite are counterbalanced hydraulically or supported by rolling bearings depending on design. This rotary actuator is particularly suitable for high torque. Actuators operating on this principle are used in cement factories, in the tyre industry, in power stations, in the steel industry and in rudder movement, for example.