Hydraulic Part-Turn Actuator

for Fittings, Flaps and Ball Valves

We Turn The World For You.

We have developed the rotary actuators presented here, which have proven their worth
through many years of use, especially for fittings, butterfly valves and ball valves.
The highest safety and quality demands as well as longevity and precision are typical features
of HKS rotary actuators. Our strengths also include ATEX, DIN standards or special
customised solutions.

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  • Hydraulic Part-Turn Actuator
    for fittings, flaps and ball valves

  • End position cushioning

  • Emergency Operation

MOrE Details


  • Hydraulic Part-Turn Actuator for fittings, flaps and ball valves

  • Special angle possible

  • Ability to position precisely

    MOrE Details


  • Hydraulic Part-Turn Actuator with spring reset for fittings, flaps and ball valves

  • Maintenance free and corrosion prevention

  • Subsea operation possible

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The electrohydraulic actuators for fittings satisfy these high requirements on flexible, automated industrial fittings. The sturdy, compact and modular design offers ideal solutions for special requirements

- Oil and gas
- Chemicals and petrochemicals
- Energy and water industry




» Compact design

» Integrated safety functions

» Low installation and operating costs

An installation with no piping, the use of top-quality components and a 100% functional test vouch for the operational safety and reliability of these systems. The pressure-resistant encapsulation of all electrical components in one housing also allows their use in potentially explosive areas (ATEX) and at the same time guarantees a high degree of protection under extreme working conditions:

» Explosion protection
» High reliability

Part-Turn Actuators within Applications