Holding torque of up to 90,000 Nm
Torque of  up to 43,000 Nm
Standard tilt angle of 2 x 55° (even higher on request)
In 10 models for a carrier device weight of up to 55 t.
Up to 8 rotations per minute
Modular system design


The TiltRotator enables you to tilt your attachment ±55° (on request even higher) in both directions and rotate endlessly at the same time. These two functions provide three-dimensional positioning easily and accurately, increasing your efficiency and productivity.

With its compact and robust tilt unit, the TiltRotator is an incomparable alternative to conventional wider cylinder variants, which are prone to faults. An optimised XtraTilt with extended torque and reduced overall height is used for the TiltRotator.



Optimized working width:

  • This enables the attachment of narrower and lighter implements, resulting in even less weight and more precise excavation.

Increased radius of action:

  • Attachment pick-up with quick coupler from any position on the carrier. There is no need to leave the cab.

Larger swivel angle:

  • Extending the mobility of your attachments optimizes their use.

Reduces downtimes:

  • Thanks to low maintenance requirements and less lubrication, the implement stops much less often and thus increases efficiency.




The TiltRotator increases the efficiency and productivity of the machines, as the drive enables a tilt of 2 x 55° and an endless rotation of 360° to be implemented with just one device. In addition, the cylinder-free and low-maintenance design is almost 50% narrower than cylinder-supported technology on excavators. This means that the TiltRotator can also be used to tilt narrow backhoe buckets in order to work in a more targeted and demand-oriented manner. For the excavator operator, this means being able to tackle a wide variety of tasks with one and the same excavator.

Where a contractor could previously only accept contracts in the road construction sector, he can now cover embankment work and sewer work with one and the same construction machine with attached TiltRotator.

Furthermore, the excavator has to maneuver less, as the operating radius of the carrier is extended enormously with the TiltRotator. The HKS TiltRotator can, for example, be attached directly to the excavator stick or used on the excavator stick with the aid of a quick coupler, which provides even greater flexibility as the TiltRotator can also be used on a second machine. The HKS TiltRotator works with all standard quick couplers, whether mechanical, hydraulic or fully hydraulic. This makes it possible to change your attachments easily and safely and bring them into any working position. All this increases productivity, saves time and money and recoups the cost of the TiltRotator in no time at all - in other words, a win-win situation. Factors that are more important today than ever: less maneuvering/shifting of the excavator naturally also means less fuel consumption and - a decisive criterion, especially with regard to environmental protection - less damage to the ground caused by the excavator with HKS TiltRotator.

Cylinders are neither economical nor sustainable in the long term. Regular maintenance and repairs can quickly become very expensive. That's why we developed the cylinder-free HKS TiltRotator. #better-without-cylinders


For 2D and 3D / GPS control systems