Drehantrieb-Schwenkmotor-I-DA-H-Industrie HKS Drehantrieb
Drehantrieb-Schwenkmotor-I-DA-H-Industrie HKS Drehantrieb

Technical information regarding hydraulic rotary actuators




If the surfaces of the tooth cured?

All sliding surfaces are surface-hardened, ground and polished.

Is the torque equal in both directions?

Same torque in both directions.

Does the actuator has an internal leakage?

No internal leakage, thus intermediate positions can be kept exactly.

Which seals can be used for media?

The seals are (almost) all media suitable (Waterglycol, mineral oil, bio-oil, etc.).

Is the actuator available with cushioning?

A cushioning is possible for all movements.

Are intermediate angles possible?

All intermediate angles are available with and without damping.

Are the actuators limited in rotation angle?

The rotary and linear piston can be driven and loaded to its limit stops.

Can the piston end will be requested?

Piston end can be queried by proximity switches.

What is the maximum operating pressure?

Operating pressure up to 210 bar (higher operating pressure after consultation).

What is the maximum torque?

Torques up to 250,000 Nm

What is the maximum angle of rotation?

Rotation angle over 360 degrees in special versions available.

What is the smallest angle of rotation game?

Very low rotational angular play (max. 20 minutes of angle, if desired 10 minutes of arc).