Can be retrofitted to all RotoBoxes
Rotation position (+/- 1°)
Suitable for all attachments
Can be integrated in 2D / 3D and GPS controls
Compatible with MOBA, Leica, Topcon and Trimble


The sensor from HKS measures the rotational position (+/- 1°) of the attachment, and then transmits the exact position data of the TiltRotator, XtraTilt or a RotoBox and the respective attachment directly to the excavator's cab. The tilt sensor for swivel movements of an XtraTilt is already integrated by the manufacturers of GPS control systems. However, with the new sensor from HKS you can now also detect the movements of a RotoBox and a TiltRotator with this control system.



Further Specifications

Very robust and lightweight component
TiltRotator shown in the display
Efficient working
Saves time, as no staking out is necessary
Uncomplicated working in places that are difficult to see
Reduction of possible sources of error
Improved safety
Exact excavation depths, therefore no unintentional removal of material
No need to check the excavation pit