The new external oil supply for hydraulic quick coupler!


Das sind die Spezifikationen für die XtraFlow Baumaschinentechnik Serie


Replace hoses
Adapted perfectly for the XtraTilt and your quick coupler
Retrofit capability
Patented solution


Retrofit capability, inexpensive, and maintenance-free – advantages that you only have with an external oil feedthrough. The oil feedthrough is a reliable replacement for your hoses. If you already have an XtraTilt, now you can retrofit it with XtraFlow. This patented solution is adapted perfectly for the XtraTilt and your quick coupler so that the coupler’s performance stays the same. And this product, like all the others by HKS, is high quality and durable


Your Benefits

Retrofit capability

  • The XtraTilts already in service can also be retrofitted with an external oil feedthrough.


  • We developed the XtraFlow oil feedthrough to be maintenance-free, so that your XtraTilt also remains maintenance-free.

Inexpensive and long-lasting

  • Because the oil feedthrough is not like other solutions already on the market where the feedthrough runs through the base and shaft, if there is a problem, you don’t have to replace the entire rotary motor. Our production process is also more cost-effective, which benefits you.

Impressions of Bauma 2019


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