Tilt up to 2 x 90°
Standard rotating angles: 100°/140°/180°
Holding torque of up to 165,000 Nm
Operating pressure of up to 250 bar
54 models for 18 sizes for a carrier device weight of up to 100 t
Further tilting weights available upon request


Many years of experience and innovation have made the XtraTilt even more robust, reliable and durable.
Thanks to the special deflectors on both sides, dirt is prevented from entering the housing of the XtraTilt range, making it maintenance-free from the day it leaves the factory. This feature considerably reduces maintenance costs.

Your benefits from these advantages

XtraTilt BVC 1-11t

  • Long-term quality in the use of tilt buckets for excavator classes up to 11 t.
  • Available tilt angles of 100°, 140° and 180°

XtraTilt BVE 10-100t

  • Operating pressure of up to 250 bar  (alternative: 190 bar for tilt angle of 100°)
  • Designed for biologically degradable media (dual seals)
  • Reinforced shaft

XtraTilt BVD 1-10t

  • Lower space requirement
  • Ideal fit for all commercially available quick couplers
  • Regardless of the excavator hydraulics, thanks to directly connected load-holding valve
  • Only available with a tilt angle of 180°

Compared to the BVC at the same output: