Hydraulischer Drehantrieb




Working Pressure up to 210 bar
Torque up to 250.000 Nm
Angle of Rotation up to 360°
Special Angle of Rotation up to 1.500°


Industry, Machinery 


More Applications

Waterworks    Sewage Works     Hydraulic Steel     Water Distribution     Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Air Conditioning and Ventilation Industry     Shipbuilding     Steelworks     Food Industry     Geothermal Power Plants     Solar thermal power plants     Biogas Power Plants     Power Plants (water, coal, gas, oil, nuclear)     Exploration     Offshore Plants     Refineries     Pipelines     Tank Farms


Your Advantages

  • Rapid load change
  • High torque
  • Continuous primary shaft
  • Wear-resistant sliding surfaces
  • Individual tilting angles
  • End of travel cushioning
  • Control tappet
  • Position inquiry
  • Various shaft types (DIN and ISO standards, hollow shaft, external spline, square)
  • Angle adjustment
  • Special varnish
  • High degree of corrosion prevention possible
  • Angle of rotation adjustment
  • Adjustable shaft position
  • Connection to all common fittings
  • ATEX