Work Efficiency

New generation of the RotoBox

The new generation of the RotoBox is based on a completely new design. The focus was saving on height and weight while maximizing durability. The width has also been enhanced to allow the installation of narrower and therefore lighter attachments.

The two oil feedthrough units with up to 500l/min flow provide even more flexibility. Depending on the application,  you can choose amongst our standard version to save weight and fuel, or the XL version of oil feed-through for the more powerful version.

Torque of up to 12,000 Nm
Up to 8 rotations per minute
Operating pressure of up to 175 bar
In 7 sizes for a carrier device weight of up to 55 t

Your benefits from these advantages

Precise operation: 

Exact maintenance of the selected position, thanks to low-backlash gears and precise holding torques

Great flexibility:

Compatible with all quick couplers and carrier devices and with the new narrower width enables to attach narrower working devices.

Faster operation:

Thanks to an endlessly rotating 360° action radius, your attachments achieve considerably more operating positions. For instance, by rotating the bucket a backhoe bucket can quickly be turned into a face bucket.Less material excavation: narrower attachment tools can be used, considerably reducing the working width.

Long service life:

Thanks to high-strength steel casting and a worm drive gear filled in grease, downtimes are minimised, and a high utilisation rate of your machine is guaranteed.


Protection against wear and tear and rust, thanks to special manufacturing methods that give the robust welded housing the utmost accuracy of shape.

Cost savings:

No additional rotator required for hydraulic tools.