Messe Wächtersbach 2023 HKS Drehantriebe

Gold rush atmosphere in Wächtersbach with HKS attachments


HKS Dreh-Antriebe GmbH from Wächtersbach-Aufenau is exhibiting at the Wächtersbach trade fair for the first time. The family-run company with almost 300 employees* would like to present itself as a regional employer.

As one of the fastest growing mechanical engineering companies in the region, HKS Dreh-Antriebe GmbH depends on well-trained employees. For this reason, HKS provides training in the fields of cutting machine operators and industrial clerks. For this purpose, HKS will also be exhibiting at the special career and training fair on Tuesday, May 16, and will be presenting the training professions and benefits on offer to all interested school students. But HKS is not only looking for trainees, but also for qualified skilled workers in many other areas. Particularly in the production area as a CNC machinist, skilled personnel is needed to meet the rapid growth of the company due to the many international customers.

Together with the Bad Orb-based company Schubert Baumaschinen, HKS will be using a 9t excavator to demonstrate what is possible with an attached TiltRotator and an XtraTilt, and what advantages this offers on a construction site.

At the end of each demonstration, original gold from the Yukon will be mixed with sand together with gold miner Jörg Lotz from Wächtersbach, which visitors can wash out in pans and take home. As a special highlight, extra large gold nuggets sponsored by HKS and Schubert Baumaschinen will be mixed in.

For all gold panners, people interested in construction machinery and students interested in an apprenticeship as well as people interested in jobs, there will be a lot on offer during the nine days of the fair. You will find HKS, Schubert Baumaschinen and the gold panning station directly at the main entrance of the fair.