HS Schoch Sponsoring HKS Drehantriebe

HKS Dreh-Antriebe GmbH sponsors HS-Schoch-Hardox truck trial team

HS Schoch Sponsoring HKS Drehantriebe

HKS Dreh-Antriebe GmbH is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the HS-Schoch-Hardox team at this year's Truck Trial.

Skill, precision, perseverance, resourcefulness

These are the four pillars to successfully conquer the Truck Trial, maneuvering through water holes, steep slopes, inclines, and other challenges. Equipped with their vehicle, the Beast, the HS-Schoch-Hardox team has the best conditions to repeatedly succeed as the winners of the Truck Trial. Powerful and consistently high performance are also characteristics that distinguish the TiltRotator from HKS Dreh-Antriebe GmbH, among others

HS Schoch Sponsoring HKS Drehantriebe

The HS Schoch-Hardox team has successfully taken home more than one title in recent years - 10 of which were European titles alone. HKS does not shy away from challenges either. The family-owned company has been turning the world for 50 years and has established itself as a leading international manufacturer of hydraulic rotary actuators, actuators, tilt rotators, rotary-stroke combinations, rack-and-pinion drives and linear cylinders through constant innovation and high product quality. The collaboration between HKS Dreh-Antriebe GmbH and the HS Schoch Group (bsg Handels GmbH, ZFE GmbH, and HS-Schoch GmbH) makes sense in many ways, not only because of the partnership. Continuous performance improvement, a team of highly motivated employees, sustainability and social commitment are just some of the commonalities that unite the two companies. So this is a strong cooperation that has come together.